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This Tax Elevator Will Only Go Up

October 05, 2020 Beloit Daily News
Voters in Illinois on Nov. 3 will weigh in on an important proposed change to the state Constitution, involving how income is taxed. Those urging a yes vote argue millionaires and billionaires and corporations have not been paying their fair share because of Illinois’ flat tax. Calling their proposal a “fair tax,” proponents of the change want to enable the government to impose a graduated tax, the theory of which...

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Endorsement: Vote no on proposed Illinois graduated tax amendment

September 29, 2020 Shaw Media
One of the most difficult things government leaders can do is to win back the public’s trust. In Illinois, trust of government was lost decades ago. Since the 1970s, four governors have gone to prison for crimes occurring during or after their governorships. Promises that state lottery profits would support our schools went unfulfilled. The state now has billions of dollars’ worth of unfunded pension obligations. And thousands of residents...

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Editorial: Closing Arguments, Part Three: Drs. Pritzker and Madigan, your patient is seriously ill. The ‘fair tax’ is no cure.

September 24, 2020 Chicago Tribune
Editor’s note: In this series, the Tribune Editorial Board offers its closing arguments against a proposed constitutional amendment that would replace Illinois’ flat-rate income tax with a graduated rate. If Illinois were a seriously ill patient, even a medieval doctor from the old eye-of-newt school of medicine could see the problem at a glance: A lack of political will needed to survive as the patient keeps spilling its life blood,...

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Vote ‘no’ on the graduated income tax

September 18, 2020 Crain's Chicago Business
Illinoisans are being asked to fork over another $3.6 billion in no-strings-attached money to the very people who have so flagrantly mismanaged our collective finances for decades. That’s the conundrum voters face this election season as they consider Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s “Fair Tax” amendment to the state constitution, a referendum that’s been the subject of a blizzard of TV and radio advertising financed in large part by two battling billionaires—the...

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Editorial: Closing arguments, Part One: Why voters should reject Pritzker Tax

September 14, 2020 Chicago Tribune
Editor’s note: Since Democratic lawmakers in 2019 put a graduated income tax amendment on the Nov. 3 ballot, we’ve been urging you to vote No. With the election imminent, the Tribune Editorial Board revisits and updates those editorials. This occasional series offers our closing arguments against a tax grab that would drive even more jobs, current taxpayers and young people to other states. Gov. J.B. Pritzker and other Democratic politicians...

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