Why We’re Voting NO!

Hear from Illinoisans across the state why they’re voting NO on the Tax Hike Amendment!

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Mariah | Single Mother

Mariah keeps a budget and makes sacrifices, why can't Springfield Politicians? They have already raised income taxes twice in the last decade to fix the state's budget but we still have an $8 billion dollar deficit! Vote No on the Politician's Tax Hike Amendment.

Illinois politicians have run Illinois to the ground over the past few decades. It is time to stop them and reclaim the state for hard working Illinois people.

James Chee, Illinois

Tony Duncan's Story

The Tax Hike Amendment would immediately impose a $3.4 billion tax hike that would be especially devastating to small business owners.

Kaci's Story

Springfield Politicians already raised the state income tax twice in the last decade to deal with out-of-control spending. We should not allow politicians to keep raising our taxes until they get their spending under control.

I'm Next | Illinois Families & Small Businesses Speak Up

Springfield Politicians are pushing the Tax Hike Amendment which would open the door to raise taxes on middle-income families, retirees, and small businesses. Do you trust Springfield Politicians with new taxing powers?

Dionna Plywacz's Story

The Tax Hike Amendment would give Springfield Politicians new taxing powers to open the door to tax every group of taxpayers, at the worst possible time!

Mariah's Story

For Mariah, it's already difficult being a single mother of two children. Now, at the worst possible time, Springfield Politicians want to tax us again!

If it passes, our reps can raise our taxes in the future...It may be down the road but we do not want this so-called Fair Tax Amendment!

Larry Rankins, Springfield, IL

Kaci | Young Professional

At the worst possible time, the Politicians' Tax Hike Amendment would raise taxes again! Income taxes have already been raised twice in the last decade, and we’ve had nine new tax increases this year alone!

Consider that it gives the legislature power to alter tax rates at their will it scares me...Our state government has put Illinois into the worst financial shape of all 50 and they are doing nothing to fix it except to request more money

Roy Davis, Northfield, IL

Kaylee | Family Farmer, Illinois

The Tax Hike Amendment would increase taxes by 50% on thousands of family farmers and small businesses. This is the worst possible time for another tax hike in Illinois.

The costs of living here are beyond burdensome, and yet the Illinois legislature refuses to reign in its spending or to even entertain reform for the state's unsustainable pension program.

Eric Easterlin, East Dundee, IL

Illinois Residents | Voting No On The Tax Hike Amendment

It's a Tax Trap: If the Proposed Tax Hike Amendment passes, Springfield Politicians will have the power to increase income taxes on anyone, with no limits. The burden will eventually fall on lower and middle-class families in Illinois. It's just a matter of time before it affects all of us.

Jeff & Liz Friedman's Story

The Tax Hike Amendment would hurt small businesses, kill jobs, and undermine our State’s economy at the worst possible time.

More people will flee Illinois if this initiative passes. Less people means less money to pay for the needs of Illinois’ citizens. Higher taxes are already killing the future of Illinois. Plain and simple: Illinois needs to manage its money better.

E. George, Orland Park, IL

Anita Vardijan | Mother, Elementary School Counselor

The Tax Hike Amendment is a drastic and damaging Constitutional Amendment, put on the ballot by Springfield Politicians. Income taxes have already been raised twice in the last decade, now they want more?

The state of Illinois's history is littered with tax increase promises. The increase in the plate fees went from $48-$96 to fix the roads. We now pay $150 and the roads are still not fixed. I am seeing people leave the state and with them goes their tax revenue.

Mike McArdle, Palatine, IL

If this amendment to the Illinois Constitution is passed, it will open the door for Illinois politicians to raise income taxes on personal income at their whim WITHOUT ANY FURTHER VOTER APPROVAL! I do not trust Illinois politicians...and with good cause.

Nancy Kerby, Retired School Teacher, Arlington Heights, IL

Dionna Plywacz | Do YOU Trust Springfield Politicians?

The Tax Hike Amendment opens the door for middle-income families to be taxed next! Springfield Politicians’ spending is out-of-control..do you trust them with new taxing powers?

Phyllis' Story

Illinois has already had 6 straight years of population decline. The Tax Hike Amendment will make it so much worse.

Grant Noland's Story

The Tax Hike Amendment would allow Politicians to raise taxes on everyone, including family farmers.

Dionna Plywacz | Small Business Owner, Reeg Plumbing

At the worst possible time, the Tax Hike Amendment would give Springfield Politicians new taxing powers - opening the door to tax every group of taxpayers...including the middle class!

Get the Facts

The Tax Hike Amendment would grant new taxing powers to Springfield Politicians and fund their out-of-control spending. If passed, this drastic amendment would not only impose billions in taxes but also LOCK these new powers into our State's Constitution.

This proposed tax could devastate my husband and I financially. We worked all our lives serving as employees of the state.

Monell Servis, Springfield, IL

Jeff Friedman | Small Business Owner

The Tax Hike Amendment would immediately increase taxes on tens of thousands of small businesses by nearly 50% and would impose the second-highest business tax rate in the country on large employers.

My wife and I are both retired. We worked hard all our lives to get what we have...If this bill is passed, I will be forced to sell my home and leave the state I was born and raised in.

Jeffrey Briggs, Pekin, IL

Phyllis Barklow | Retired, Community Volunteer

At the worst possible time, the Tax Hike Amendment would give Springfield Politicians new powers to tax Illinois families and retirees. If passed, there would be no limits on how high rates could go.

Anita Vardijan's Story

Illinois is already losing people and businesses because of the high tax burden. If the Tax Hike Amendment is passed even more people would leave the state.